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Urban agriculture offers other oppoprtunites than growing flowers,
herbs or vegetables for the market place. As described in a previous
article aquaculture is a possible opportunity. In a similar vein
aquaponics offers the entrepreneur interested in developing a local
food business another avenue to follow.

Aquaponics refers to an aquaponic system specifically set up for the
purpose of providing a protein crop (the fish) and a vegetable, herb or
fruit crop (the plants).

The Aquaponics Journal refers to basil as most commonly grown herb in aquaponic and hydroponic systems due to its hardy nature and marketability.

Basil is also one of the most popular culinary herbs, so it is possible
that an aquaponic system that includes basil could be a profitable
venture. Of course a marketing study as part of an overall business
plan would need to be done to determine if it was worth proceeding.

A business plan, including a market study, does not guarantee success
but it can increase the odds of success by giving the entrepreneur a
solid picture of the present market demand, including competiton, for
the product or service, he or she is considering.

Perch, trout and tilapia are the most commonly used coldwater edible
fish in an aquaponics system, however, goldfish, for example, could
just as readily be used if the operator did not want to raise fish for
food purposes.

It is time that urban planners, residents, municipal politicians and
entrepreneurs sat down together and took a serious look at the diverse
possibilities urban agriculture has to offer.

Urban agricultural enterprises not only create economic opportunities
which will generate jobs, but they can reduce the environmental impact
of our industrial food production system while improving the urban

Urban agricultural enterprises can also bring fresh food into
communities where there may be no major grocery store or farmers’

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